The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games (2016)
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This course is the beginning of a project that was a runaway success on Kickstarter. Get involved now, and get access to all future content as it's added. The final course will be over 30 hours of content and 200+ lectures.

Learn how to create and mod video games using Unreal Engine 4, the free-to-use game development platform used by AAA studios and indie developers worldwide. We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unreal or coding! With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and Ben who is on the forums regularly. Go on to build several games including a full 3D version of Pong with an online multiplayer scoreboard, and more.
You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Our thriving discussion forum will help you learn and share ideas with other students.
You will learn C++, the powerful industry standard language from scratch. By the end of the course you'll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.
Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unreal Engine is a fantastic platform which enables you to make AAA-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, consoles, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!
If you're a complete beginner, we'll teach you all the coding and game design principles you'll need. If you're an artist, we'll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you're a coder, we'll teach you game design principles.

-03. Setup Visual Studio Or XCode.mp4"
-04. Unreal Development Environment.mp4"
-4A. Unreal Development Environment.txt"
-05. Intro To Visual Studio On PC.mp4"
-06. Intro To Xcode On MacOS.mp4"
-07. A Quick Tour Of Unreal Editor.mp4"
-7a. Quiz 1 Section End Quiz.txt"
-08. Section Wrap-Up.mp4"
-09. Intro, Notes & section Assets.mp4"
-10. Game Design Document.mp4"
-10A. Book Code Complete (Link).txt"
-10A. Code Complete A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition.pdf"
-11. How Solutions And Projects Relate.mp4"
-12. C++ Function Syntax.mp4"
-13. Using, #include And Namespaces.mp4"
-14. Magic Numbers And Constants.mp4"
-15. Variables And cin for Input.mp4"
-16. Using getline().mp4"
-17. Simplifying With Functions.mp4"
-18. Iterating With For & While Loops.mp4"
-18A. Quiz 2 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-19. Clarity Is Worth Fighting For.mp4"
-20. Booleans And Comparisons.mp4"
-21. Using Do and While in C++.mp4"
-22. Introducing Classes.mp4"
-23. Using Header Files As Contracts.mp4"
-24. Including Our Own Header File.mp4"
-25. Instantiating Your Class.mp4"
-26. Writing And Using Getter Methods.mp4"
-27. Introducing The Const Keyword.mp4"
-28. Constructors For Initialisation.mp4"
-29. Pseudocode Programming.mp4"
-29A. Quiz 3 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-30. Using using forType Aliases.mp4"
-31. Using struct for Simple Types.mp4"
-32. Using if Statements in C++.mp4"
-33. Debugging 101.mp4"
-34. A Place for Everything.mp4"
-35. Introducing enumerations.mp4"
-36. Writing Error Checking Code.mp4"
-37. Using switch Statements.mp4"
-38. Warm Fuzzy Feelings.mp4"
-39. Handling Game Win Condition.mp4"
-39A. Quiz 4 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-40. Win Or Lose Screen.mp4"
-41. Introducing Big O notation.mp4"
-42. TMAP and map Data Structures.mp4"
-43. Range-based for Loop.mp4"
-44. Design a Helper Function.mp4"
-45. Playtesting Yor Game.mp4"
-46. Difficulty & Play Tuning.mp4"
-47. Polishing & Packaging.mp4"
-47A. Quiz 5 End Section Quiz.txt"
-48. Section Wrap-Up.mp4"
-49. Intro, Notes & Section Assets.mp4"
-49B. BE01-Building-Escape-Slides-v.7.pdf"
-49C. Section 3 Slides.txt"
-50. Game Design Document (GDD).mp4"
-51. Version Control 101.mp4"
-52. Ignoring Unreal Derived Files.mp4"
-53. Your First .gitignore For Unreal.mp4"
-53A. .gitignore Link.txt"
-54. Getting to Know Unreal's Editor .mp4"
-55. A Pointers Primer.mp4"
-56. Unreal's Class System.mp4"
-57. Runtime Message for Feedback.mp4"
-58. Accessing Object Names.mp4"
-58A. Quiz 6 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-59. Getting Transforms In C++.mp4"
-60. Moving Objects In C++.mp4"
-61. Laying Out Geometry .mp4"
-62. Applying Materials.mp4"
-63. Macros Starting With UPPROPERTY.mp4"
-64. Using Trigger Volumes.mp4"
-65. Unreal's PlayerController.mp4"
-66. Using Collision Volumes.mp4"
-67. Using GetTimeSeconds().mp4"
-68. Grabbing System Overview.mp4"
-68A. Quiz 7 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-69. Modifying the Default Pawn Actor.mp4"
-70. Inherit Game Mode Blueprint .mp4"
-71. Getting Player Viewpoint.mp4"
-72. Using DrawDebugLine.mp4"
-73. Line Tracing AKA Ray-Casting.mp4"
-73A. Collision filtering blog post Link.txt"
-74. LineTracesingleByObjectType().mp4"
-74A Links.txt"
-76. Resetting Your Unreal Project.mp4"
-77. Using FindComponentByClass().mp4"
-78. Introcucing Input Binding.mp4"
-78A. Quiz 8 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-79. Accessors & Memory Layout.mp4"
-80. Reducing Code in Hot Loops.mp4"
-81. Using Physics Handles.mp4"
-81A. Link.txt"
-82. Refactoring Rules.mp4"
-83. Introducing Unreal's TArray.mp4"
-84. Iterating over TArray with for.mp4"
-85. Debugging Game Issues.mp4"
-86. Managing Texture Tiling.mp4"
-87. More Coming Soon.txt"
-87. Pointer Protection Process.mp4"
-88. Exposing Events to Blueprint.mp4"
-88A. Quiz 9 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-89. Using Blueprint Timeline.mp4"
-90. Everything in its Place.mp4"
-91. Using Variables in Blueprint.mp4"
-92. SFX & Audio Clips.mp4"
-92A. Quiz 10 End Quiz.txt"
-93. Section Wrap Up.mp4"
-94. Intro, Notes & Section Assets.mp4"
-94. Section 4 Slides.txt"
-95. Corresponding-Blog-Post.txt"
-95. Game Design Document (GDD).mp4"
-96. Accompanying-Blog-Post.txt"
-96. Setting Up a GitHub "Repo".mp4"
-97. Creating & Deleting Landscapes.mp4"
-98. Landscape Setup & Scaling.mp4"
-99. A Landscaping Process.mp4"
-100. Upgrading Engine Version.mp4"
-101. Using Landscape Layers.mp4"
-102. Flat Shading Low Poly Landscapes.mp4"
-103. More Landscaping tools.mp4"
-103A - Chris-Folea-MountainRange3.png"
-103B - Quiz 11 - Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-104. Tank Control System.mp4"
-105. Composing Multi-Part Actors.mp4"
-106. Using Blueprints to Discover C++.mp4"
-107. Call C++ Functions from Blueprint .mp4"
-108. Using BindAxis() for Input.mp4"
-109. Using DeltaTimeSeconds.mp4"
-111. UI Scale Box, Buttons & Mouse.mp4"
-112. Controller Ready Navigation.mp4"
-113. Trial Packaging Your Game.mp4"
-113A. Quiz 12 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-114. Delegating to Components.mp4"
-115. Using virtual and override.mp4"
-116. Creating an AI Controller Class.mp4"
-117. Get the Player Controller with C++.mp4"
-118. Add Tick() to PlayerController.mp4"
-119. Creating an Out Parameter Method.mp4"
-120. Finding Screen Pixel Coordinates.mp4"
-121. Using DeprojectScreenToWorld.mp4"
-122. Using LineTraceSingleByChannel().mp4"
-123. Unify Player & AI Aiming.mp4"
-123A. Quiz 13 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-124. Create Default Sub Objects in C++.mp4"
-125. BlueprintCallable().mp4"
-126. SuggestProjectileVelocity().mp4"
-127. Predict Projectile Landing Point.mp4"
-128. Using FRotators in Unreal.mp4"
-129. Using Forward Declarations.mp4"
-130. BlueprintSpawnableComponent().mp4"
-131. BlueprintSpawnableComponent().mp4"
-132. Review Our Execution Flow.mp4"
-133. How to Report Bugs.mp4"
-133A. Quiz 14 Mid Section Quiz.txt"
-134. Using Clamp() to Limit Values.mp4"
-135. CHALLENGE - Turret Rotation.mp4"
-136. CHALLENGE - Turret Rotation Pt.2.mp4"
-137. Setting Up Projectiles.mp4"
-138. Upgrading to Unreal 4.12.mp4"
-139. Working Round Awkward Bugs.mp4"
-139A DISCUSSIONS - On .txt"
-140. Using SpawnActor() to Spawn.mp4"
-140A TSubclassOf and DISCUSSIONS - On"
-141. Projectile Movement Components.mp4"
-141A GitHub Repo and DISCUSSIONS On"
142. Making AI Tanks Fire
143. EditAnywhere vs EditDefaultsOnly
143A. Quiz 15 Mid Section Quiz
144. Adding a Quit Button
145. Setup Track Throttles
146. ApplyForceAtLocation() in Action
146A Links
147. Physics Materials & Friction
148. Fly by Wire Control System
149. Using BlueprintReadOnly
149A. Links
150. A Better Component Architecture
151. Completing Manual Tank Movement
152. Introducing AI Pathfinding
152A Links
153. Dissecting RequestDirectMove()
153A Lecture DISCUSSIONS Link
153B. Quiz 16 Mid Section Quiz
154. DotProduct() Vector Operator
154A Dot Product Scalar Projection on Wikipedia
155. CrossProduct() Vector Operator
155A. Cross Product Animation on Wikipedia
156. Finalising Your Class Code
156A. Lecture DISCUSSIONS Link
157. How to Use Blueprint Variables
157A Unreal's Blueprint Variable Documentation
158. Using Enum(erations) in UE4
158A UEnum Documentation (advanced)
159. Refactoring our Aiming Component
-01. Promo Video.mp4"
-02. Welcome To The Course.mp4"
-2A. Unreal-IS02-Intro-Notes-Assets.pdf"


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