Instructor's name: Deepak Chopra & Tara Stiles Type of Workout: Yoga
Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 65 Minutes
Yoga Workout:
Workout: 47.5 minutes (yoga)
Cool-down: 3 minutes (final relaxation & stretch)
Total Workout Time: 50.5 minutes

Meditation: 15 minutes
Release Date: 2011

Region: 1 (USA & Canada)

Yoga Workout
About Yoga Transformation

Transform your body, optimize weight loss, and restore your body’s natural balance with Dr. Deepak Chopra and yoga fitness expert Tara Stiles! Lead with the breath as you flow through a calorie-burning yoga workout led by Deepak’s private instructor, Tara Stiles. Deeply stretch and strengthen key muscle groups for total-body toning while you burn fat. Then clear your mind with Deepak Chopra’s meditation practice to inspire change and bring focus to your weight-loss intentions. Stick with this program and you can achieve your ideal weight!

The Yoga Weightloss Workout (50 min.): Lengthen and lean your body with Tara Stiles' powerful vinyasa of authentic yoga and achieve lasting weight loss.

Meditation Practice (15 min.): Follow Dr. Deepak Chopra on a restorative journey to quiet the mind, remove stress and strengthen your weight loss commitment.

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