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Thread: Practical HTML5
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    Practical HTML5

    Pluralsight - Practical HTML5
    MP4 | AVC 328kbps | English | 1024x576 | 15fps | 4h 06mins | AAC stereo 192kbps | 710 MB
    Genre: Video Training

    HTML5 has been around now for some time. But how do you get your head around all that comes with it? The answer is by doing. In this Practical HTML5 course, you can do exactly that by building a site from scratch, adding new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features. The end result is a deeper understanding of how the various building blocks work together, and you'll have a working site as well!

    Creating a Site Using HTML5 38:37
    Adding Some Basic CSS and JavaScript 31:53
    Navigation, Forms, and Validation 30:49
    Adding Style and Layout with CSS3 33:57
    Adding Functionality Using Built-in JavaScript Libraries 43:23
    Using Video and Adding Graphical Elements with a Canvas 42:03
    Drawing More Graphical Elements with SVG 25:25


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