GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation
with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones
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Today, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is deployed in over three billion devices across the world. This course will teach you the fundamentals of how GPS works and introduce you to the diverse range of uses of satellite navigation-in all aspects of our lives.

Through vivid online lectures and a set of "backyard experiments" enabled by the widespread availability of GPS-enabled smart phones and tablets, students will be able to connect online learning to real-*world experience. Even those who do not own laptop or desktop computers can take part; they will be able to view lectures and completing labs via mobile device only.


Part I. Fundamentals of GPS Introduction

How GPS works and what it does for us (Enge)
Course objectives & schedule (Enge, van Diggelen)
The Joy of GPS (van Diggelen)

Module 1: How GPS Works (Enge)
How GPS works
Navigation in Our Lives: The Exxon Valdez

Module 2: Pseudoranges (Enge)
Linearization & error analysis
Accuracy & dilution of precision (DOP)
Differential GPS
Navigation in Our Lives: Landing Airplanes Using GPS
Experiment A: Accuracy

Module 3: Orbits and Signals (Enge)
Satellite orbits
Signals, codes
Navigation in Our Lives: Maritime & Air Surveillance
Experiment B: Satellite Visibility

Part II. Modern GPS receivers: cell phones, tablets and more!

Module 4: Receiver Design Basics (van Diggelen)
Power, Receiver design
Navigation in Our Lives: GPS in sports
Experiment C: GPS Signal Power

Module 5: Assisted GPS (van Diggelen)
Supplanting the Navigation Message
Improving Sensitivity
Navigation in Our Lives: "There's an app for that"

Module 6: The Future of GPS and Satellite Navigation (van Diggelen)
GNSS, all Global Navigation Satellite Systems
GLONASS, QZSS, Beidou, Galileo, IRNSS, and Future GPS (GPS III)
Navigation in Our Lives: GPS everywhere


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