Bluegrass Lead Guitar
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Genre: Guitar lessons

The music of Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys defines bluegrass, and while the guitar was originally confined to a rhythm instrument in Monroe's band, it has become common, in the last decade or so, for bluegrass guitarists to fill the lead function as well. The original instruments in Monroe's band have provided the template for guitarists wishing to play solos on bluegrass tunes. Bluegrass guitar solos are primarily a mixture of influences from those instruments: fiddle (fiddle tunes), banjo (crosspicking), and the blues (Monroe's mandolin). In this DVD, renowned guitarist Scott Nygaard guides you through the old-time fiddle tune Little Billy Wilson, a cross-picking arrangement of Home Sweet Home, a melodic solo on the blues song Trouble in Mind and shows you how to combine these influences when creating a solo on a bluegrass tune like East Virginia Blues. Scott explains in detail the techniques needed to master the bluegrass lead guitar style and the ideas behind his arrangements.


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