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In this DVD we revisit garage solo training and partner drills, employing KIT for the objective of enhancing our combative hard skills along with some of the attributes that keep them sharp.
Hone your combative tools to another level by enhancing hand-eye co-ordination, timing and flow with variations of the top & bottom bag. Improve your linear and angular punching/striking power along with an increased output of your plyometric strength and your ability to receive impact with some unique heavy bag drills.
Work a free standing banana bag from tactile attachment to enhance repetitive strikes, low line kicks, knees and takedowns. Cultivate task-specific strength and power for impact using the bag and band drills for both stand up and ground & pound striking. Improve power-endurance and combat-specific ATP conditioning with tried-and-tested bag drills, along with much more...
A great addition for the Combatives Trainee to your current home or gym training programme.

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