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Vol.2 - Advanced Technical Mittwork
Coach Rick's Progressive Technical Mittwork will allow an individual to
receive the maximum benefit from this system of training.
The concept and theory of this system of Mittwork that Coach Rick
utilizes allows any individual to develop a high level of fitness and skill.
This is indeed the new wave of fitness.
By directing the individual through perpetual motion drills which are
utilized by professional athletes, this system is designed to enhance
endurance, stamina, speed, power, coordination, tone and muscle strength.
Every muscle in the body will be utilized during this routine,
some you may have not even known existed in your body. While also
learning how to properly execute offensive and defensive movements*
(ie. blocking, slipping, rolling, parrying and counter punching
techniques, all at the same time.)
James "Coach Rick" Coward has become an inspiration to hundreds of coaches
in the United States and around the world through his
Technical Mittwork training, as well as his adaptation of the world renowned
Mayweather Style System of Pad Work. He has received critical acclaim
for his "Technical" Pad Work and is constantly requested to assist other
trainers to utilize his Pad Work in their training regiments. Coach Rick
had the privilege training and working briefly with famed trainer
Oscar Suarez, the late great trainer of three time Featherweight
Champion Prince Naseem Hamed. He is an accomplished Professional Trainer
having formerly trained a number of Amateur and Professionals
including two world champions.
He has designed a system of Mittwork that will allow any of his
clients feel great by building muscle strength, improving body tone,
promoting cardiovascular health, and enhancing confidence.
This system is an explosive and dynamic one, designed to enhance
one's endurance, agility, stamina, speed, power, balance, coordination,
tone and muscle strength all in one session.
Every muscle in the body will be utilized during this routine,
some you may have not even known existed in your body! His system is
indeed the new wave of fitness and is guaranteed the most successful
in achieving all of your fitness goals!

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