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Yoga Journal teams with Dr. Baxter Bell to bring you this unique, medically grounded program to help you become “stress hardy.” In this DVD, you’ll learn to recognize and modify your body’s fight-or-flight response to stress. You’ll also discover how yoga can relieve stress-related problems like muscular tension, headaches, insomnia, depression, and panic attacks.
This easy-to-follow program features: (1) A stress prevention workout to help you develop stress hardiness for 35 minutes. (2) A stress relief practice to calm you down and release tension for 35 minutes (3) Three quick relation techniques.(4) An in-depth interview with Dr. Bell about the physiology of stress. (5) An alternate practice mode that allows you to practice with less verbal instruction once you’ve learned the yoga sequences. (6) A built-in timer that lets you practice at your own pace
Baxter Bell, M.D., is a California-based physician, yoga teacher, and medical acupuncturist with more than 15 years of family medical practice. He teaches, writes, and lectures internationally on stress management. His message: “Yoga is so effective in dealing with stress because it addresses the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.”
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In order to manage stress through mindfulness, Dr. Baxter Bell presents two practices. The first focuses on energizing poses and the second focuses on calming the nervous system. If you are interested in avoiding stress related illnesses then you might enjoy one or both of the 30-minute practice sessions. In the first session you may recognize:
Practice 1
Mountain Pose
Mini Sun Salutes
Standing Forward Bend
Downward Facing Dog
Chair Pose
Locust Pose
Warrior II
Tree Pose
Side Angle Pose
Wide-Legged Forward Standing Bend
Cobbler's Pose
Boat Pose
Half King of the Fishes Pose
Modified Bridge
Final Relaxation Pose (skip this is you want to continue for 60 minutes)
While doing the postures it is helpful to have a block or a set of pillows.
Practice 2
Dr. Baxter Bell's pleasant narration leads you through the poses with some creative visualizations. In the second practice there are lots of stretches and they are held for just the right amount of time. Some of the postures/poses include:
Mountain Pose
Shoulder Raises
Eagle Arms (great for tight shoulders)
Standing Forward Bend
Wide-Legged Forward Standing Bend
Downward Facing Dog
Supported Child's Pose
Spinal Twist
Queen's Pose
Final Relaxation
For the most part this DVD presents exercises that calm and nourish. With the use of blankets and pillows this becomes a gentle yoga practice. If you put both practices together you can exercise for 60 minutes. Since I did this workout before an interview it gave me a chance to see if it really was able to reduce stress. I feel that this yoga DVD also gave me a clear mind and I felt relaxed and healed. I can recommend this to beginners and intermediates who are seeking a stress reduction program.

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