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Do you wake up in the morning exhausted, in desperate need of coffee? Do little things like missing the train or someone talking too loud on their cell phone annoy the HECK out of you? By the end of the day are you jonesing for a glass of wine to cool you out?
If you answered yes to any of these questions (or all of them) then you may not be managing your stress optimally. Keep on reading...we're here to help.
This hands-on course in managing stress will help you understand the five categories of stress, the difference between good stress and bad stress and how stress impacts overall health. Using principles of mindfulness, a personal Stress Assessment Test to evaluate your levels of stress and a Stress Solutions Worksheet that can be applied to any situation, we give you a framework and the tools for managing and reducing both everyday and long-term stressors to make your life more workable, enjoyable and satisfying.

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