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    Eddie Quinn - The Approach (vol. 5)

    697MB | Xvid 720x544 25.00fps

    What is THE APPROACH? Is it a new system ? What it is, is a distillation of Pencak Silat Fitrah, with influences of Thai, Filipino and Indonesian martial arts all of which I have practiced over the years, what it provides is a very practical, easy to learn and efficient way of defending oneself and your loved ones.
    Remember an APPROACH with a structure is different to a style with a syllabus.
    DVD Volume Five - Takedowns
    Volume 5 - Takedowns In this DVD I take you through the practical applications of taking your opponent to the ground, this DVD introduces you to head and body takedowns that make breakfalling redundant, be warned!!

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    Thank you very much for this great post.

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