Studio Product Photography Essentials
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Genre: Photo

Catalog Product Photography is a series of videos that will take you through various real-world situations of photographing products in the studio.

By working through four main scenarios you will gain a fundamental grasp of working with different lighting situations as they present themselves. These are step-by-step demonstrations that are shown in free-form mode.

This means that you will see how the process works in real life where you diagnose the problems and learn how to solve them.

You will begin with a through look at studio lighting, cameras, lenses, support, and all of the other items that will come in handy when working in the studio.

At this point, you are not required to have all of this gear, but by gaining an understanding of what is available, you will be in a better position to know what you may need for a particular shot.

A lot of information is presented here and the question and answer session will help fill in the blanks.

Wine-bottle-lecture-finale-061-koloskovFrom there you will see how to work with several types of subjects including shooting white products on white backgrounds, glossy on white, textured objects - in this case shoes, and how to bring out the texture while still preserving the semi-gloss nature.

You will look at how to shoot clear glass and how to deal with the reflections on the glass that can occur because of the lighting, and finally you will see how to work with a dark bottle of wine in a variety of lighting situations.


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