ADSR Sounds - 808 and Sub Bass Masterclass
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Learn how to make your 808′s thump The struggle is over! Learn how to make, mix and generally demystify the elusive 808 low end sounds. At over 5 hours long, the 808 Sub Bass Masterclass explains everything you need to know and understand about 808's and sub basses.

Led by Echo Sound Works, this course is designed to give you both a theoretical and practical understanding of the 808 sound including what it is, where it came from as well as when and why we use it. It also steps you through exactly how to mix 808s and sub basses, how to make them and which tools and plugins you can turn to achieve a low-end perfect mix.

This is a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of topics and will be helpful for people of any skill level. If you're just starting out or struggle with your 808 sub bass game, you owe it to yourself to watch this course. As the series progresses, the subjects become more advanced such that even intermediate to experienced producers can benefit, especially from the final series on mixing 808's. The course is intentionally open ended, spanning Hip Hop/RnB and EDM oriented 808's and sub basses. Echo Sound Works demonstrates with Logic Pro x during the tutorial the theory and techniques shown are entirely applicable to other DAW's.


01 Introduction
02 The evolution of the 808
03 808 and sub bass sounds
04 Sound selection
05 Sound selection 02
06 Key selection
07 Playing the right pattern 01
08 Playing the right pattern 02
09 Making room for 808's and sub basses 01
10 Making room for 808's and sub basses 02
11 Layering 808 subs
12 Making subs and 808's in Massive
13 Sampling your own 808's
14 Side chain compression
15 Multiband compression
16 Creative EQ's
17 Saturation and distortion
18 Bass mixing plugins
19 Mixing hip hop
20 Mixing hip hop 808's 02
21 EDM sub bass mixing
22 Summary


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