The Gnomon Workshop - Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production
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Adobe Photoshop is the preferred, industry-standard software for photo manipulation and graphics creation, but using it effectively for projects in production is key. With the release of CS5, Photoshop now offers a variety of new tools and functionality enhancing any workflow, and in this DVD, you will learn the professional methods for compositing, digital painting, photo retouching, design and more.

Almost eight hours of exclusive content covering industry tips and techniques such as selection, color-correction, HDR and video are included. Dave begins with in-depth overviews of the most commonly used tools in production, and then applies them to real-world projects. This content is suited to both the novice and expert Photoshop user and will teach you the necessary skills for today's "generalist" or 2D/3D production artist. Instructor for this title: Dave Pasciuto

Topics Covered:

Bridge/Mini Bridge
Tools/Brushes/Brush/Tool Presets
Layers/Layer Comps
Adjustment Layers/Layers Styles
Smart Objects/Smart Filters/Filters
Transforming/Warp/Puppet Warp
Color Modes/Color Settings
Photo Retouching/Color Correction
Actions/Automation and Scripts
Photo Merging
HDR Merging/HDR Toning/Lens Correction
Basic Digital Painting


1. Interface/Workspace
2. Adobe Bridge
3. Image Window
4. Tool Panel
5. Preferences
6. Preset Manager
7. Keyboard Shortcuts
8. Color
9. Actions Batch
10. Photomerge
11. Layers Overview
12. Layer Comps
13. Layer Styles Overview
14. Layer Styles Uses 01
15. Layer Styles Uses 02
16. Transforms
17. Vanishing Point
18. Fill
19. Patterns
20. Gradient Overview
21. Adjustment Layers Overview
22. Adjustment Layers Color Correction
23. Adjustment Layers Gradient Map
24. Selections
25. Masking
26. Sky Replacement
27. Brushes
28. Concept Drawing
29. Digital Painting
30. Smart Objects and Filters
31. Type Overview
32. Type Design
33. HDR Overview
34. Photo Retouch
35. Video Overview


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