Lynda - Drawing Vector Graphics: Painting with Vectors (2016)
MP4 + Exercise Files | AVC 2536kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 4h 21mins | AAC stereo 160kbps | 6.29 GB
Genre: Video Training

The precise, clean, and crisp shapes of digital designs work in many cases, but it is also possible to achieve a more organic aesthetic. Adobe Illustrator offers native digital brushes you can customize or expand to include your own imported, hand-painted brush strokes. Painting with vectors can produce a traditional appearance.

Graphic designer Von Glitschka appreciates the endless brush stroke freedom that real-world brushes offer, and he knows how to replicate this offering in the digital world. In this course, he shows how to create your own custom, handmade brush strokes and import them into Adobe Illustrator. Von demonstrates how to compile and use custom brush strokes to achieve both a hand-painted aesthetic and a personal touch. Whether you're a painter, a designer, or just a fan of Illustrator, this course offers instructions on how to expand your use of Illustrator.

Topics include:
Painting real brush strokes
Transforming real brush strokes into digital brush strokes
Importing brush strokes
Creating bitmap surface textures
Modifying vectors
Compiling patterns, shapes, and strokes
Working with layers and blend modes
Using vector brushes


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