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Fingertip Handstands: The One-Finger Zen Training Method DVD will show you strength training methods for your hands that few outside of the Chinese Military have ever seen. You will also learn fighting techniques using your fingers as striking and defending tools.
One-finger Zen is a rare and unique skill that is used to strengthen fingertips for pressure point attacks. Legend attributes this powerful method to Shaolin Temple. Masters of One-finger Zen can perform all sorts of amazing feats, such as fingertip push-ups and even handstands. Grandmaster Alex Tao, the founder of the Chinese military fighting method Jing Quan Dao, is a leading master of One-finger Zen. His fingertip feats have earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Coupled with his highly-effective combat system, One-Finger Zen is a devastating method of self defense.


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