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Iron Shirt Chi Kung II - Volume 33 (New 2007 Video)

You can actually grow your tendons, making them supple and elastic like a child's. Your joints can open and become free passageways for the "Chi" life force energy to circulate through your body. The key to these changes is the use of slow, gentle movements that activate the tendons, followed by quiet meditation that directs the internal energy. Enliven Your Joints and Tendons presents exercises to train you to combine the mind, heart, bone structure and Chi flow into one moving unit.

In Enliven your Joints and Tendons, Master Chia leads you through a set of moving postures that evolve out of the static forms learned in the first level of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. You will learn these postures as individual exercises and as partner exercises. You will learn how to absorb and discharge energy through your tendons. Also, Master Chia teaches the use of a Mung Bean filled cloth hitter that will release accumulated toxins in your joints and muscles.

Running Time 47 minutes

1. Tao Garden (6:57)
2. Tendon Changing Theory (4:47)
3. Internal Power Forms - The Six Positions (9:23)
4. Forms With a Partner (4:25)
5. Details of Forms Step-by-Step (10:16)
6. Hitting With Mung Beans (7:18)
7. Applications & Exercises With a Partner (3:05)


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