Posing and Solving Mathematical Problems: Advances and New Perspectives
Springer | Mathematics Education | May 31, 2016 | ISBN-10: 331928021X | 402 pages | pdf | 10.04 mb

Editors: Felmer, Patricio, Pehkonen, Erkki, Kilpatrick, Jeremy (Eds.)
Approaches mathematical problem posing and mathematical problem solving as a unit rather than as separate areas of study
Provides new research perspectives in the field of mathematical problem posing and solving
Contains sections targeted toward teachers and students

This book collects recent research on posing and solving mathematical problems. Rather than treating these two crucial aspects of school mathematics as separate areas of study, the authors approach them as a unit where both areas are measured on equal grounds in relation to each other. The contributors are from a vast variety of countries and with a wide range of experience; it includes the work from many of the leading researchers in the area and an important number of young researchers.
The book is divided in three parts, one directed to new research perspectives and the other two directed to teachers and students, respectively.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
33 b/w illustrations, 66 illustrations in colour
Mathematics Education
Learning and Instruction


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