Introduction to Mathematical Biology: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulations
Springer | Mathematics | May 29, 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319296361 | 172 pages | pdf | 4.78 mb

Authors: Chou, Ching Shan, Friedman, Avner
Includes reviews of basic ordinary differential equations and modeling techniques
Addresses MATLAB programming for students without programming experience
Includes health topics of great public interest
Section of solutions included at the end of the book
Provides readers with background in numerical analysis and how they are applied in simulations of models

About the Textbook
This book is based on a one semester course that the authors have been teaching for several years, and includes two sets of case studies. The first includes chemostat models, predator-prey interaction, competition among species, the spread of infectious diseases, and oscillations arising from bifurcations. In developing these topics, readers will also be introduced to the basic theory of ordinary differential equations, and how to work with MATLAB without having any prior programming experience.

The second set of case studies were adapted from recent and current research papers to the level of the students. Topics have been selected based on public health interest. This includes the risk of atherosclerosis associated with high cholesterol levels, cancer and immune interactions, cancer therapy, and tuberculosis. Readers will experience how mathematical models and their numerical simulations can provide explanations that guide biological and biomedical research.

Considered to be the undergraduate companion to the more advanced book "Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes" (A. Friedman, C.-Y. Kao, Springer - 2014), this book is geared towards undergraduate students with little background in mathematics and no biological background.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
11 b/w illustrations, 38 illustrations in colour
Mathematical and Computational Biology
Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences
Biological Networks, Systems Biology


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